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  • The HT-60: A Modern “Do-it-all” Harbor Tug

    Developed with input from experienced towboat operators, the HT-60 is the smallest of the Glosten-designed Harbor Series tugs. This workboat concept was designed to offer maximum versatility and capability in a single, compact package.

    Purpose-designed for Ice-covered Waters

    The Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (GLS) needed a new ice-capable tug to service the US portion of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. In 2019, they enlisted the help of Glosten to develop a contract-level design package and technical specifications for construction of a vessel that would meet the specific needs of their operation. The result was a customized, ice-strengthened variation of our HT-60 ASD (Z-drive) harbor tug.

    Working Smarter, Not Harder

    Glosten progressed the HT-60 to a contract-level design suited for year-round service in the waterways of upstate New York. There the tug will carry out a variety of construction and maintenance duties, including routine maintenance of lock gates, maintenance and positioning of aids to navigation, ice management, and the removal of ice from lock walls. To best perform this work, the tug will be equipped with a bulwark-mounted ice-scraping appendage for ice removal and a fendered stem bar that extends to the waterline for pushing large chunks of ice in the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

    Customized for the Job

    At 60′ overall, the HT-60 is small and nimble enough to maneuver inside lock chambers. Its wide, 28-foot beam improves the tug’s performance in ice and enhances stability for deck crane operations. The ice-strengthened Schottel Z-drive units are powered by a pair of CAT C18 diesel engines turning carbon fiber shafts for a combined 1,320 BHP at 1,800 RPM. To perform its intended work functions in ice, the hull has been ice-strengthened to ABS Ice Class C0 standards, and the machinery to Finnish-Swedish Ice Class 1C. The deck is outfitted with a unique Markey Machinery headline winch developed specifically for this application, and a fully foldable Heila telescopic deck crane.

    How can we help you?

    Glosten engineering is geared towards your needs—our concept designs are fully customizable and can be adapted to meet the demands of your operation.

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