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    Introducing the Glosten SA-80, a thoughtfully designed 70-ton ASD tug for inner harbor service. This no-nonsense tug was carefully developed to enhance all aspects of ship assist and barge handling functions in busy port complexes.

    Optimized for Inner Harbor Service

    A refreshing alternative to the increasingly common “do-it-all” tug, the SA-80 provides a smart and practical combination of design elements to make it highly versatile, without watering down its primary ship assist function. The SA-80 can be outfitted with a variety of different propulsion system options to achieve a bollard pull of at least 70 metric tons, including CAT 3516E diesel engines and Schottel SRP-460 Z-drive units. At 81′ overall with a 38′ beam, this handy sized tug is nimble, yet powerful, making it a good choice for confined waterways. The design also allows ample deck space for a number of deck machinery options to suit the specific needs of the operator.


    Design Advantages

    The geometry of the superstructure was developed to allow operators to work comfortably around the flared and raked surfaces of ships and barges of all sizes. The wheelhouse features up-facing windows in the visor for improved overhead visibility. The stacks are uniquely positioned to provide unobstructed lines of sight in virtually all directions. The dual cabinet control console is carefully positioned to afford the ability to run either bow-first or stern-first from a single operating position. This SA-80 also offers a continuous main deck with relatively high freeboard, inboard-canted spring and quarter bitts, and full fendering around the perimeter of the boat to maximize the amount of usable contact surface. Below the waterline, the hull features a large forward skeg to enhance the effectiveness of working in indirect mode.

    Form and Function

    While optimized for assist work, we have preserved the ability to make up alongside and tow astern, with or without a tow winch. Additionally, on the bow, a ‘snubbed’ area of the guard facilitates a hard make-up for pushing ahead. Unlike many modern tractors and reverse ASD tugs, the SA-80 has a distinguishable bow and stern. This not only helps to maintain a classic work-horse look that belies its ability to work stern-first, but it provides the operator with contact surfaces at two different elevations for working vessels in a range of loaded conditions. Every aspect of the stern has been designed to be a usable area for more than just the occasional tow job. The transom is flat, with minimal rake in the bulwark, which offers a broad contact area for pushing ships or nudging barges with low freeboard.

    How can we help you?


    Contact us to find out how the SA-80 can be outfitted to enhance your operations.


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