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  • Beloved Research Vessel Approaches Mid-Life Overhaul

    The R/V Thomas G. Thompson is a 25 year old research vessel operated by the University of Washington. Glosten has worked with University of Washington since the vessel was built, so we were a natural choice to bring its systems up to date in a midife overhaul.

    Detailed Specs Required

    Many of the systems on Thompson needed replacement, requiring a comprehensive set of specifications and contract plans. Major modifications needed to be coordinated with all other affected systems. Our challenge is to clearly describe the work so that the shipyard can confidently formulate a bid and execute the work.

    Experience and Teamwork Get the Job Done

    We worked closely with the University of Washington management and crew to understand their goals for this important modification effort. We worked with key vendors to learn about new systems allow for added flexibility and operating efficiency. With over 50 years of research vessel experience and a critical eye for preparation of contract documents, we were able to complete this detailed package, and Thompson will receive new life in the very near future.

    How can we help you?

    Glosten has been serving the research vessel community for over 40 years.

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