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  • F/V Arctic Prowler Reports for Work

    The Arctic Prowler, a new freezer longliner, has been delivered for work in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. The 136-foot by 40-foot factory longliner boasts on-vessel fish processing facilities that include accommodations for the workers, state-of-the art fish catching and cleaning equipment, and an ammonia-based refrigeration plant to freeze and store one million pounds of fish.

    First-in-class Production Design

    Regulators are adopting more stringent requirements for fishing vessels. To meet these demands, this first-in-class vessel was designed by an external firm to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) standards. The complexity of construction necessitated a detailed design by a skilled firm – thus Vigor Alaska turned to Glosten for this challenging detailed design project.

    3-D Modeling Enables Collaboration

    As a first-in-class vessel, there were many unknowns. Glosten’s Production Services team developed a 3D model of the vessel structure, systems, and equipment. Fishing and factory equipment selection were based on the extensive fisheries experience of the owner and designer. The virtual ship model facilitated engagement with the customer and shipyard construction team leads. Working out production details in the 3D model minimized production risk, saving costly rework on the shop floor. Periodic site visits and meetings with the vessel fabricators led to a better understanding of Vigor production needs.

    Built in Alaska, by Alaskans

    Arctic Prowler is owned by Alaska Longline Company. The longliner was the first ship out of Vigor Alaska’s new assembly hall and the first large, modern fishing vessel built in the state of Alaska. Alaska Longline is deeply proud that their newest vessel was built in Alaska, by Alaskans.

    How can we help you?

    Our Production Services team will work with you to increase quality and efficiency.

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