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  • Excavator Dredge Design

    J.E. McAmis, a marine construction firm used to working in tough conditions, needed a hydraulic excavator to add to their dredging capability, enabling accurate digging in firm bottom conditions and rough waters.

    Minimizing Costs

    Glosten was enlisted to adapt an existing design to meet specific Owner requirements for work in extreme conditions. The client wanted to minimize capital cost, and provide low maintenance and operating costs.

    Can Handle Rough Weather

    Glosten developed an innovative automated spud control system. Each of the three spuds exerts approximately 450,000 lbs. of down pressure, to ensure that the barge serves as a stable work platform unaffected by wakes, ocean surge, or digging rations. The 180′ hydraulic excavator Megan Renee features a trackless Komatsu PC3000 mounted on a barge making it a very large, floating backhoe dredge.

    Proven Performance

    Designed and built for tough, water-based digging, the Aquadigger uses a 10-cubic-yard bucket that can dig a level cut 65′ deep. The barge is capable of working in 6-ft. seas. J.E. McAmis completed the Port of Anchorage Maintenance Project dredging approximately 1.9 million cubic yards in heavy ship traffic, and in 38-foot tides and extreme currents.

    Glosten modified the McAmis design for the excavator dredge OLM-033 at work on the Ohio River. The Aquadigger barge is used to excavate the riverbed at depths of 85′ to prepare for the shell foundations being placed for the Olmsted Dam project.

    How can we help you?

    We design hard-working marine assets to meet the exacting demands of contractors working in the dredging and marine construction fields.

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