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  • A New Ferry for Governors Island

    Every day, someone hops on a ferry and experiences the vibrant culture, compelling history, and surprising beauty of Governors Island. The 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor has seen 800,000 visitors annually, and that number gets bigger every year. In the midst of this exciting growth, the Trust for Governors Island identified a need to acquire a new ferry to supplement their current vessel, The Samuel Coursen.

    The Trust’s Need for a Ferry

    For Governors Island, the desire for a new ferry was straightforward. Years of increasing growth and development coupled with plans for further expansion made clear the need for additional passenger service. Deciding how they would get, or “acquire” that vessel, was not so simple. After establishing their need for a new vessel, the Trust’s next step was to flesh out an acquisition strategy. Would they find a used vessel out on the market? Would it be better to design and build one from the keel up? Or was the right answer somewhere in between?

    Determining the Best Strategy

    To answer these complex questions, the Trust called on Glosten to lead a complete vessel acquisition study. Glosten worked with The Trust to understand their needs and the constraints of the existing infrastructure in order to evaluate the merits of used and new vessels. Ultimately, the Trust’s unique requirements meant that building a brand-new vessel would be the right solution for them.

    Picking the Right Shipyard

    Glosten’s next task was to help the Trust identify the best shipyard to build the new ferry. Glosten developed detailed technical specifications that allowed teams to submit quotes for designing and building the new vessel. Out of the five teams that submitted quotes, Rhode Island-based Blount Boats was selected as the successful bidder, joined by Seattle-based Elliott Bay Design Group as the vessel designer.

    Bringing the Design to Life

    Elliott Bay Design Group delivered a contract-level design in October of 2017. Today, all team members are working with Glosten as Owner’s Representative to support the construction of this new vessel at Blount Boats, with a goal to deliver the vessel in early 2019. Stay tuned to the timeline above for the latest updates in the vessel construction.

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