Our depth and breadth of experience has resulted in a body of work we’re proud to showcase. From one-of-a-kind projects to solid fundamentals, we’re confident you’ll find that our commitment to excellence shines through in everything that we do. Explore our case studies, and see what Glosten can do for you.

Exxon Kizomba – Traversing Oceans

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Spanning 10,000 miles over six months, the Glosten-developed tow plan for the Kizomba A brought the vessel from Korea to offshore Angola via the Cape of Good Hope.

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Local Terminal Proposed


Glosten was tasked with performing a vessel traffic and risk analysis of the proposed terminal, to provide an unbiased report on a topic with opposing viewpoints.

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Arctic Tow Mission

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Glosten was contracted by Exxon Neftegas Limited for overall management of moving the ORLAN, a 325 feet square Concrete Island Drilling Structure (CIDS), from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Sovietskaya...

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