The Mid-Life Overhaul of the R/V Thompson

  • Client:
    University of Washington
  • Completion Date:
    February 2018
  • Key Collaborators:
    Office of Naval Research
  • Project Type:
    Vessel Design & Modification
  • Service Categories:
    Naval Architecture
    Marine Engineering
    Marine Electrical & Controls Engineering
  • Vessel Overview:
    AGOR-23 class research vessel
  • Challenge:
    Mid-life refit of a 25-year-old research vessel.

Clearly Defined Design.

Operated by the University of Washington, the R/V Thomas G. Thompson is one of three Global Class research vessels in the US Academic Research Fleet. By 2016, the Thompson was ready for a mid-life overhaul; Glosten had provided engineering support for the vessel since its construction, and was ultimately selected for the job. Our team worked closely with the project’s stakeholders and crew to understand their goals for the modification effort and with key vendors to learn about new systems that could improve flexibility and operating efficiency.

TGT Docked @ DCI

Superior Systems for Better Performance.

The refit included a re-powering study, a propulsion system integrator market survey and technical specification, and a shipyard technical design package. Many of the systems on the Thompson needed replacing due to wear and tear and to meet current regulations, and this required the development of a comprehensive set of specifications and contract plans. In order for shipyards to confidently formulate bids and execute the work, we needed to coordinate each major modification with the affected systems and clearly describe the scope and sequence of construction.

During the overhaul, general science and habitability upgrades were made to expand science capabilities and improve life at sea. New EPA Tier III-compliant engines were installed, silencers were upgraded to reduce deck noise, and an integrated electrical bus improved overall efficiency. Thanks to the overhaul, the Thompson is expected to continue its exploration of the world’s oceans for another 20 years.

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