Deep-water offshore wind has the potential to produce terawatts of reliable renewable energy, but cost barriers present a challenge to the widespread use of offshore wind farms in deep water.

The PelaStar™ tension leg platform solution for deep-water wind significantly reduces steep implementation costs through an optimized engineered foundation and components designed for durability and localized industrialization. In addition to being the lowest cost, commercial-scale, deep-water solution on the market, PelaStar’s™ key benefits include:

  • Minimized motions in high sea states.
  • Lowest engineered steel weight.
  • Access and workability features of a monopile.
  • Small seabed footprint.
  • Both quayside and/or offshore assembly.
Pelastar 12MW_full-A


The PelaStar™ TLP was first conceived by Glosten engineers in 2006, who saw a need to reduce the capital costs of offshore wind and access sites with superior wind resources. Various platform types were considered, but the tension-leg platform emerged as a clear leader due to its potential for a low structural weight, access to deep water sites, and superior dynamic responses to sea conditions, which maximize floating turbine performance.


PelaStar™ combines proven technology with rigorous research, development, and engineering. By adapting established TLP technology from the oil and gas industry and incorporating breakthroughs in critical structural, tendon, and connector designs, PelaStar™ has addressed the complex challenges of offshore wind power development.

Fundamental work was completed in a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Study of the PelaStar™ tension leg platform to support an Alstom 6MW Haliade 150 turbine. Commissioned by The Energy Technologies Institute, this project advanced the technology to readiness for full-scale demonstration.

In 2019, Glosten received funding from the US Dept. of Energy’s ARPA-E ATLANTIS program to develop designs for General Electric’s Haliade X 12MW offshore wind turbine in partnership with GE Global Research. Glosten is developing 15MW PelaStar™ designs for the US Northeast Coast, Scotland, and the US West Coast.

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PelaStar™ continues to be developed through ongoing engineering contracts and internal R&D initiatives. New variants for larger turbines show that the foundation system scales well and provides the same optimized performance for larger floating offshore wind turbines.


Kris Volpenhein, PelaStar™ Commercialization Lead

(206) 624-7850