National Security Multi-Mission Vessel Heavy Weather Mooring

  • Client:
    TOTE Services, LLC
  • Key Collaborator:
    US Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration (MARAD)
  • Project Type:
    Operations, Logistics, & Transportation Planning
  • Service Categories:
    Ocean Engineering
    Marine Consulting
  • Challenge:
    Develop heavy weather mooring arrangements for NSMV home ports.


In addition to providing technical support for the detail design and construction of the Maritime Administration’s new National Security Multi-Mission Vessels (NSMVs), Glosten was hired by TOTE Services to develop comprehensive heavy weather mooring plans for the training vessels’ home ports in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, California, and Texas.

Mass 4


Our work began with initial site surveys, where we took 3D scans to gather layout information for the mooring designs and confirm that the shoreside facilities and berth conditions would accommodate the new vessels. For each site, we looked at expected weather conditions and developed mooring arrangements suitable for the existing mooring infrastructure.

We then identified performance gaps, considered operator input, and devised recommended improvements based on the information gathered from our assessments. Glosten used OrcaFlex to determine the strength requirements for the lines and bollards for each berth, and ultimately delivered heavy weather mooring plans for each site designed to withstand Category 1 hurricane conditions.