Customized Split-Hull Hopper Barges

  • Completion Date:
    August 2022
  • Project Type:
    Vessel Design & Modification, Barges
  • Service Categories:
    Naval Architecture
    Marine Engineering
  • Vessel Overview:
    Three 6,000-cubic-yard split-hull hopper barges
  • Challenge:
    Customize off-the-shelf barge design for a client.


Glosten customized our 6,000-cubic-yard split-hull hopper barge, provided drawing support, and submitted the design for ABS approval on behalf of a client. Adjustments were made to the bridle recovery system, the structural details of the coaming, cutout and stiffener connection details were changed to suite the shipyard’s needs, and the cylinder well and hinge deck structure was updated to fit hydraulic cylinders and an HPU package from Price Engineering. The split-hull hopper barge was designed and built per ABS Class requirements and is an ABS Class A1 barge. Greenbriar Marine built three barges according to our design at their shipyard in Portland before delivering them to the owner, who plans to operate these barges initially in the Gulf of Mexico.

Weight Analysis


Glosten has developed a number of split hulled hopper barge designs of similar capacity.  The barge’s function hinges—literally—on hydraulic cylinders which open and close the two hulls, connected by two large pins at the forward and aft deck. Glosten specially designed all the foundations and connections for the pins, as well as the cylinders. A camber bar helps seal the hulls tight when closed; we created an FEA model to help us size the camber bar deflection to make sure the seal would effectively prevent the loss of dredge spoils while towing.

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