PelaStar Teams Up to Pursue Local Tendon Manufacturing for Gulf of Maine

September 19, 2023

The Gulf of Maine has been established as a future site for floating offshore wind, and PelaStar, along with supply chain partners FibreMax and Dyneema® (Avient), is going local by collaborating with Maine-based synthetic rope provider Yale Cordage.

The team will study the feasibility of, and requirements for, manufacturing FibreMax’s patented parallel-wound cables for the PelaStar tension-leg platform (TLP) within the State of Maine. By leveraging Yale’s manufacturing track record and local presence, PelaStar and its partners can help drive economic growth and facilitate the transition to clean energy.

As part of their industrialization strategy, PelaStar will enable cost-effective regional tendon supply and aims to minimize emissions and project risks by limiting the need to ship platform components across the United States or from overseas.

For more information on PelaStar’s latest collaboration, view the full press release.

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