PelaStar Announces New Partners for FLOWIN Prize Phase 2

April 27, 2023
Glosten's PelaStar TLP (image courtesy of Glosten)

We are excited to share that Glosten has partnered with Foss Offshore Wind, Everett Floating Structures, GMC Limited Connected Tubulars, FibreMax BV, Dyneema®, and TRC Companies, Inc. to expand PelaStar’s network in preparation for Phase 2 of the US Dept Of Energy’s FLOWIN Prize. These partners will be an asset across all stages of floating wind farm design, construction, and deployment. The team will address the market challenges that Phase 2 of the competition explores, including the expansion of marine infrastructure and US-based steel fabrication capacity, and the cost-effective manufacturing and deployment of PelaStar™ platforms.

For more information on the PelaStar team and the FLOWIN Prize, view the full press release.