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ERMA FIRST Acquires oneTank, LLC

Posted By: Meredith Miller | Acquisition

We are excited to announce the sale of oneTank, LLC to ERMA FIRST, a cutting-edge developer and manufacturer of ballast water treatment systems. oneTank is a product of Glosten’s R&D program, where it evolved from a concept into a fully realized ballast water treatment system. To date, it is...

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Project Spotlight – Glosten Line-throwing & Surface Float Line System Trials

Posted By: Meredith Miller | Consulting

Line-throwing devices are an incredibly important part of rescue towing operations, used to establish an initial connection that ultimately enables the transfer of a towline. Emergency response crews count on these technologies to ensure a successful rescue and avert disaster.  In June of 2021, a Glosten team led by...

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