Maneuvering Simulations – An Application to Waterway Navigability

October 17, 2003

Gray et al. (2003) have identified channel width as an emerging important feature of channel design. In this paper, a powerful new procedure is advanced for the analysis of navigational aberrancy and channel width requirements. The procedure combines fast-time Monte Carlo maneuvering simulations with least squares regression of extreme value functions and the application of order statistics methods. Minimum required navigation channel width (between bridge piers) was estimated by the authors using the PIANC (Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses) concept design method, fast-time Monte Carlo maneuvering simulations, and full-mission, real-time simulation. Excellent agreement between the fast-time Monte Carlo and full-mission, real-time simulation is reported.

Full paper: SNAME Application of Maneuvering Simulations to Evaluate Impact of Proposed Bridge Alternatives

Authors: Bruce L. Hutchison, PE; David L. Gray. PE; Thomas Mathai, PhD