Glosten Unveils New Harbor Tug Design

May 26, 2017
Glosten HT-67 - Hi-Res - In water

Glosten has unveiled the HT-67:  a new 67′ ASD (Z-Drive) harbor tug designed for versatility of service on inland and near coastal waters.

“Our goal was to develop a nimble harbor-size tug with exceptional barge handling capabilities. We sought input from veteran ASD captains at multiple points in the design process. We now have a design that is practical, adaptable, and user-friendly – both for captains in the wheelhouse and crewmembers on deck,” notes Capt. Peter Soles, a Marine Consultant at Glosten.

The HT-67 boasts a steel hull with an aluminum house, and single curvature hull plates for ease of construction (estimated at $4.9M). The hull can also be ice strengthened or fitted with push knees without substantially altering the design.

Read the complete press release here.