Glosten Launches oneTank™ Ballast Treatment Product

September 24, 2020
oneTank a Glosten Company

Glosten subsidiary oneTank, LLC is up and running, now with a complete suite of regulatory type approvals for the ballast water treatment system, oneTank™. In 2020, oneTank™ was awarded certification from both the International Maritime Organization and from the US Coast Guard.

oneTank™ was conceived by Glosten engineers who have worked on ballast water treatment problems since 1999 and recognized that many operators have needs that are not being met by existing product offerings. Where existing systems have been developed with big ships in mind, oneTank™ focuses on the tankship aftpeak tank, which results in an extremely simple and compact system. oneTank™’s tiny footprint also meets demand from small vessels such as yachts and workboats that are balancing severe space restrictions with meeting requirements.

OneTank, LLC is now selling and installing units to reliably prevent the introduction of invasive species to new environments.

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