Glosten Awarded Design of 50-Meter KAUST Research Vessel

June 8, 2022
RV THUWAL II Rendering for Press Release - Glosten

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has selected Glosten to design a new 50-meter research vessel that will support scientific research in the Middle East. The vessel will replace its namesake, the 22-year-old R/V Thuwal, expanding its size and capabilities in the areas of geoscience, bioscience, marine science, and oceanographic research.

The Thuwal II will be designed for operation in the shallow reef and deep-water environments of the Red Sea and surrounding waters with weather-safe characteristics that will help it handle harsh climactic conditions. The new vessel will be used for a broad range of scientific missions and have a reconfigurable deck to accommodate multi-purpose jobs and equipment, including a sampling system that will reach depths of approximately 3,000 meters.

“Our team is excited to bring this new level of research vessel capability to the Red Sea region,” said Ken FitzGerald, Glosten principal. “Optimizing a vessel for KAUST for the specific conditions of the operating area and science research needs requires a high level of engagement between our engineers and the KAUST team. This is when we are at our best.”

In addition to providing the design, Glosten will provide shipyard tendering support and oversee construction through vessel delivery.

For more information about the Thuwal II, view the full press release.