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  • Length:
    90'-2" (27.5m)
  • Beam:
    24'-11" (7.6m)
  • Gross Registered Tonnage:
    <100 GRT
  • Propulsion Type:
    Twin Podded Motors
  • Propulsion Power:
    1,341 bhp (1,000 kW)
  • Energy Source:
  • Passengers/Cars:
    150 pax / 0 car
  • Service Speed:
    30.0 knots

Foil Ferry

Glosten and Bieker Boats teamed up to create Foil Ferry, the world’s most advanced high-speed, all-electric passenger ferry. Foil Ferry draws on Bieker Boats’ experience with ultra-efficient foil-borne vessels, including a cup-winning design for Oracle Team USA, and Glosten’s public and private sector work on innovative passenger vessels over the past 50 years. The design uses modern composite hull construction and hydrofoil technology to enable zero-emission, high-speed marine transport.

The Foil Ferry concept can be easily adapted to a variety of propulsion methods, including hydrogen fuel cells for longer-range emissions-free operation and traditional diesel electric, which will still cut fuel use and emissions by two thirds compared to a conventional fast ferry. In all configurations, small, simple machinery and dramatically improved efficiency translates to reduced maintenance and energy costs.

  • Hero FF Mar 2022

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