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Glosten CT-120 Hero
  • Length:
    120'-0" (36.6 m)
  • Beam:
    39'-0" (11.9 m)
  • Draft:
    20'-0" (6.1 m)
  • Gross Registered Tonnage:
    <200 GT
  • Propulsion Type:
    ASD (Z-drive) or Conventional Twin-screw
  • Propulsion Power:
    6,800 bhp
  • Bollard Pull:
    95 ST (86 MT)
  • Energy Source:
    Diesel or Methanol/Diesel


At 120 by 39 feet (36.6 by 11.9 meters) with a molded depth of 23 feet (7 meters), the CT-120 is a sizeable oceangoing tug made for long-distance and emergency towing, and moderate-duty anchor handling. With over 6,800 horsepower and 95 short tons of bollard pull, this mean-looking tug is suited for heavy ocean tows, including large deck cargo barges approaching 20,000 DWT.

Unique from conventional line-haul tug designs of similar size, it can accommodate a variety of powerful medium-speed engines and modern exhaust gas treatment equipment including large SCR units and diesel particulate filters where required—made possible by its expansive engine room and fidley and large stack casings adjoining the deckhouse. It also offers substantial tank capacity for unsupported long-range towing operations, and its largest tanks, fore and aft, can be fitted with cofferdams to support conversion to methanol, if desired.

This sub-200 GRT design is optimized for constructability and low operational costs. It is adaptable for either ASD or conventional twin-screw propulsion, and optional tunnel thrusters in the bow and skeg afford dynamic positioning capability. Pairing these features with either a single or double-drum tow winch and modest anchor handing capability make CT-120 a very practical option for supporting a range of offshore installation projects.

  • Glosten CT-120 Hero

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