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    6,000 CY Split-Hull Hopper Barge
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    300 CY Split-Hull Hopper Barge
6000-CY-SHHB-2000x1125-Hero-Vray-Profile RevB
  • Length:
    315' (96.3 m)
  • Beam:
    54' -3.5" (16.5 m)
  • Draft:
    20'-7" (6.3 m)
  • Energy Source:

6,000 CY Split-Hull Hopper Barge

This 316-foot (96.3-meter) scow was developed to support large dredging projects or travel long distances to reach disposal sites. It is heavily built to withstand the high demands from dredgers with a double seal between the hulls that prevents the loss of dredge spoils during towing.

The robust design features nine giant hinge lugs connecting the two halves of the barge at either end of the hopper. The scows are designed to not only meet ABS rules for ocean service but are overbuilt in critical areas to handle whatever dredgers throw at them.

The scows are proven to seal in even the lightest material and the hopper is optimally angled to prevent material from sticking to the inside while maximizing hopper volume.


Each of our vessel concept designs is fully customizable. Contact us to learn more and find out how this design can be adapted to meet the demands of your operation.

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