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  • Length:
    180'-0" (54.9 m)
  • Beam:
    50'-5" (15.4 m)
  • Draft:
    6'-0" (1.8 m)
  • Gross Registered Tonnage:
    <100 GRT
  • Propulsion Type:
    Conventional Twin-screw
  • Energy Source:
  • Passengers/Cars:
    150 pax/35 car
  • Service Speed:

180′ Passenger/Vehicle Ferry

This 180-foot (54.9-meter) double-ended ferry accommodates 35 cars, including highway-rated trucks and emergency vehicles. The vessel features a three-tiered deckhouse located on the starboard side of the vessel and integrated ramps at both ends. A covered breezeway outboard of the main passenger lounge allows for crew, passengers, and bicycles to move safely from one end of the vessel to the other without entering the vehicle deck. The vessel contains a conventionally shafted diesel propulsion system with controllable pitch propellers and fixed blade rudders, but can be modified to incorporate low or zero-emission propulsion systems.


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