Glosten Unveils New Ship Assist Tug

Posted By: Megan Ponce | Marine Design, Naval Architecture, Press

We are pleased to introduce the Glosten SA-80, a thoughtfully designed 70-ton ASD tug for inner harbor service. This no-nonsense tug was carefully developed to enhance all aspects of ship assist and barge handling functions in busy port complexes.  A refreshing alternative to the increasingly common “do-it-all” tug, the SA-80…

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A Hybrid Ferry for Kitsap Transit

Posted By: Maggie Moon | 3D Modeling, Naval Architecture

Glosten has announced the completion of a 150-passenger-only hybrid ferry design for Kitsap Transit, a public transportation agency based in Bremerton, Washington. “Glosten has designed a modern and efficient passenger vessel that will meet the demands of our riders,” said Kitsap Transit Executive Director John Clauson. “As a public agency,…

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Glosten Unveils New Harbor Tug Design

Posted By: Maggie Moon | Naval Architecture, Press

Glosten has unveiled the HT-67:  a new 67' ASD (Z-Drive) harbor tug designed for versatility of service on inland and near coastal waters. “Our goal was to develop a nimble harbor-size tug with exceptional barge handling capabilities. We sought input from veteran ASD captains at multiple points in the design...

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A Glimpse of Glosten’s Work

Posted By: Zenzile Moore | 3D Modeling, Consulting, Detailed Design, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture

This short video, produced by Glosten Industrial Designer Sarah Blott, showcases the fascinating work of Glosten engineers and designers.  Some of the video’s highlights include the launch of the R/V Sikuliaq, a fly-through of the Oregon State Regional Class Research Vessel (OSU RCRV), and a few of our hard-working Marine Construction vessels.…

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Principal Axes for Seakeeping Response Processes

Posted By: Maggie Moon | Naval Architecture, Papers

This paper complements an earlier paper by the same author titled “Joint Seakeeping Response Processes for Determining Structural Loads,” presented at the 2002 SNAME Annual Meeting.  That paper put forward a variety of methods appropriate to the characterization of joint processes, including phase co-factors, cross co-spectral moments, and joint...

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