Glosten’s depth and breadth of naval architecture and marine engineering expertise spans every sector of the marine industry. And with every engagement, we deliver both a solid understanding of marine fundamentals and a creative spirit that has taken clients to new places for over 60 years. Because while we believe that excellent work is essential, when it’s coupled with unparalleled partnership, it’s a game changer. Explore how our engineering and design acumen can be put to work for you.



At Glosten, vessel safety is our top priority. Whether we’re developing a maximum capability document for a winch or designing the next great research vessel, Glosten engineers incorporate the safety standards and guidance that is right for the job. Our staff have experience with a broad range of regulations and standards, including ABS, SOLAS, USCG, DNV, ADA, and many others.


We have designed some of the most unique vessels in the world, but we're equally at home designing a practical, steadfast vessel to work hard day-in and day-out. Whatever your needs, we can engineer a vessel to meet them. Here are a few of the designs Glosten has brought to the sea over the years.


Glosten is committed to supporting the marine designs that power our planet. From liquefied natural gas (LNG), to petroleum, to wind, wave and tidal energy, Glosten’s team continuously supports a variety of energy projects. Our broad range of marine energy engineering and consulting is applied to renewable projects as well as hydrocarbon drilling platforms, FPSOs, tankers, terminals and pipelines.


We are helping our clients answer the call to operate cleaner, quieter, and more efficient vessels with the highest regard for the sea, the sky, and the shoreline. We integrate our engineering, design, and operations expertise into practical, environmentally superior solutions.

Marine Offshore Structures

Glosten supports the marine and offshore industry with engineers who have seagoing, salvage and shipyard experience. This applied experience enhances our ability to provide practical, cost effective design solutions. Our seasoned team draws upon vast technical expertise backed by state-of-the-art analysis tools (WAMIT, ORCAFLEX, MORA, MAESTRO) to deliver comprehensive solutions to the unique problems faced by the offshore industry.


At Glosten, we like to say that we’ll design “anything that floats.” That includes floating golf greens, rotating research platforms, and a wide variety of vessels in-between. That curiosity extends to unconventional studies and analyses. Our engineers and designers thrive on unique, one-of-a-kind problems – the harder, the better.


Glosten offers vessel design services from initial concept through detailed design suitable for production. Our vessel design portfolio includes passenger vessels, tugs, barges, research vessels, workboats, and special-purpose platforms. Design is just one aspect of vessel acquisition. We support clients through shipyard qualification and selection, bid review and contract negotiations, construction management, and test and trials. We approach ship design as a process of understanding and articulating the owner’s desires and requirements. Our job is to make sure that the design is workable and to fully describe the solution for efficient construction.

Committed to Quality

At Glosten, we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Our team utilizes a quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified to ensure we maintain our standard of excellence on every project.