144-Car Ferry LNG Fuel Conversion Feasibility Study

July 1, 2011

Washington State Ferries (WSF) is investigating powering the new 144-Car ferries with liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel, which has potential to reduce operational costs and air emissions when compared to diesel fuel. However, converting to LNG poses technical, regulatory, and economic challenges compared to diesel. Glosten was tasked with conducting a study to investigate both the technical and economic feasibility of such a conversion and identify regulatory risks. This study, which is presented here two reports, concludes that the conversion is both technically feasible and cost effective, though technical and regulatory challenges remain. Capital and lifecycle costs are presented in 144-Car Ferry LNG Feasibility Life Cycle Cost, while design issues are presented inĀ 144-Car Ferry LNG Feasibility Design Report.

Authors: Robert T. Madsen; Jon L. Markestad, PE; David W. Larsen, PE